The greatest band that never was bursts onto the scene, with 14 feel good tracks. Stop irradiating yourself in front of the television, and dance along to these hip new sounds by two kids from the interwebs. Drop that book you are using to beat your wife with, and get the whole family around the wireless.

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Words By Mr B & Music By Mr C
Except * Music By Mr B & Mr C
And ** Words by Mr B & Mr C

Mr B Vocals, Drums/Radio Samples on Radio Dada, Bass on With You
Mr C Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drum Programming

  1. Radio Dada*
  2. Don't Lose Your Mind
  3. Chuck Norris Exercise Machine
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  5. A Fashion Statement
  6. The Girl Who Ate Her Father
  7. Blank Stare
  8. It's Only Cheating If You Get Caught
  9. The Single
  10. With You*
  11. (I Have A) Backpack
  12. Sympathy For The Jet Set**
  13. Lead Singer's Instruction Manual
  14. Still Waiting ...